Day 36: what do you think about your friends

I am tremendously indebted to them.  As cheesy as it sounds, I really couldn’t be where I am today, with everything I have and with my current mental stat,e without them.  I owe many of my experiences and discoveries to them, as well as the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years. I’ve tried so many different things and gotten through so much with them.

I guess they’re an indispensable part of my life?

Day 35: what is your favorite poptart flavor

I don’t eat them very often, so I haven’t tried very many.  I think I’d be perfectly content with any of the fruit ones though.  Especially the berry ones.

Day 34: your horoscope for today and whether you think it’s accurate

Like a team of pickpockets in a crowd, a group may have its eyes on you and secretly scheme to take advantage of your innocence, Libra. One may work to distract you with something playful and harmless, while the others work behind your back to secretly steal your valuables. Stay aware of yourself and your belongings at all times.

Hmm I was planning on going to University Village today to buy Valentine’s Day goodies for people.  Maybe I shouldn’t anymore.

Day 33: someone who really hurt you

The fact that I can’t think of anyone who really hurt me probably says something about my simple-mindedness.

I get over people conflicts a little too easily.

Day 32: how many pictures do you have in your room


Fan art of Ness, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and Miku.  None of them have any particular significance to me- I just thought the fan art was aesthetically pleasing.

Meanwhile, my roommate managed to fill up her entire bulletin board with pictures. There must be at least 40 photos of her friends and family from back home crammed side by side on her cork.

It’s funny to say that my bulletin board is a lot larger than hers.

Day 31: a bit about your social life outside of tumblr

I’m a college student, so I almost feel like it’s impossible to live without some semblance of a social life.  I have a social group of friends in a variety of majors, my dorm friends, my class friends, my club friends… and not to forget my high school friends.

That’s a social life, right?

Day 30: 5 favorite girls names, 5 favorite boys names

Girls: Emma, Arya, Lilith, Mitsuki, Luna

Boys: Oliver, Kaede, Colin, Claude, Arthur

Day 29: a date you’d love for someone to take you on

Rainy, cold, a formal attire restaurant, a shiny sports car, and the stars.

How exactly rain and stars can appear together remains to be seen.

Day 28: something that makes you really angry

Because I was, and forever am, a spoiled brat, not getting what I want from my parents somehow always leads to anger tantrums.

Material goods, permissions, choices, etc.  I’ve slammed doors, cried, stomped, held my silence, and wheedled my way towards them.  It’s like an uncontrollable rage inside of me.  My parents used to say that I need anger management.

My latest conquest is a new cellphone.




Day 27: a person you wished lived closer and why

It’s strange, because I want closeness but I also want distance.  Thinking through the standard options- parents, extended family, high school friends- I think I can say I’m fine with our distance right now.  Sometimes, it’s annoying to have my parents live beyond everyday contact, but that’s part of what being independent is.  There’s a time and place for everything.  I’ll see my high school friends during the long holidays. I see my parents every other week as it is. I’ve grown up distant from my extended family; what I didn’t experience cannot be missed.

And when it all comes down to it, there’s texting and video-chatting and phone calls.

What distance are we talking about?